Tithe your blog, Twitter and Facebook accounts this week

This is a great week to give some of your social media activities to God’s work in our world.  Many people make year-end donations this week and are looking for awesome causes and trustworthy organizations to which they can give their tithes and offerings.  Chances are that donating your tweets, blogs and Facebook posts to one of your favorite Christian ministries would result in contributions and new relationships for that organization.

Below are three projects my family is helping through Bright Hope and am tweeting about:

1.        1200 Haitian children need one good meal a day: $75 provides one meal a day, all year for one child.   http://bit.ly/hIGiNU

2.        A church in Nairobi’s Mathare Valley slum burnt down on December 9th.  This church needs a complete rebuild and new equipment: $28,000.  http://bit.ly/aLfB8q

3.        Poor Indian pastors need support to preach the Gospel in one of the poorest, most unreached regions of India. This micro-loan program is going to help;  http://bit.ly/f3UeXa

About C.H. Dyer

I am the CEO of Bright Hope. I am dedicated to helping those who earn less than $1.00 a day. There are one billion people in my target market (the extreme poor) and I could use some help. I am a Christian, father of three (two are internationally adopted), entrepreneur, speaker, improving writer and amateur photographer.

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