Caves: Every Man Needs One

I have been living in a cave for the entire month, and it has been the best thing.

What drove me into my cave?
As the New Year kicked off, some very important questions lingered and needed to be answered at my work. These were the type of questions that unless answered with wisdom and thoughtful planning the whole mission could have been turned on its side. I didn’t really know I had gone into my cave until I emerged this week. However, looking back, I knew I wasn’t my normal self: I wasn’t keeping to my routines, I was being far less social, and I was less productive with my workload.

What was it like being there?
A cave is a dark, damp, and sometimes spooky place. My cave was much like that and so I built a fire. My fire involved reading my Bible, listening to sermons from Pastors around the country and praying about the questions that were burdening me. These provided warmth and comfort and gave me peaceful rest.

A cave forces you to be alone. Nobody wants to go into your cave with you, especially your wife. It’s too scary, hot, and she thinks it stinks a little in there. But that’s okay, the mystic of a cave is to be alone, to gaze into the fire and ponder the questions at hand with God.

And what was it like to emerge?
Emerging from the cave is the best part. First the sunlight is blinding. Second, you fully realize that you really were in a cave. Third, you have answers. Maybe not the answers you want, but a plan, a solution, a strategy, a goal. Something became clear that wasn’t before you entered.

Finally, family and friends welcome you back. Your wife knows you are not an alien creature anymore, you return to being a husband and not a caveman. Your friends have no idea where you’ve been, but you have new truths to relate and stories to tell.

I am not sure if women have caves they go into, but for a man a cave is an awfully good place to visit. I just wouldn’t want to live there. It’s good to be home again.

Author’s Note: No real caves were slept in during the writing of this post.

About C.H. Dyer

I am the CEO of Bright Hope. I am dedicated to helping those who earn less than $1.00 a day. There are one billion people in my target market (the extreme poor) and I could use some help. I am a Christian, father of three (two are internationally adopted), entrepreneur, speaker, improving writer and amateur photographer.

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